After starting my career as a product designer I quickly got into designing interiors. From retail concepts to medical care centres to really large officespaces.  After finishing my project I usually took my camera to photograph my own project....nothing more pleasing then looking at the finished "product". 
Why did I became a photographer? Because I wanted to make a career from the hobby I loved the most, being able to see the most beautifull designs from renown architects and framing it. Meeting the architects and getting to know them is often really inspiring.
As an experienced designer I know how to look at a design, the specifics, the viewing lines, materials...I like to think I know how a designer looks. I can probably tell what's most important in your design right away. I believe this will make me a good sparring partner in capturing the best of your design/work on photo. 
Want to get in touch? Please send me an e-mail or give me a call! 
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